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For The Wall Street Journal:

– That time Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA made an album about science, with a hand from Neil deGrasse Tyson.

For The Atlantic:

– What exactly was Julian Schnabel trying to accomplish with Miral, his ham-handed attempt to make a film about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

For The New York Times:

– How The Strokes and their ilk reinvented the rock star crush in the early aughts.

For Artsy:

– I crunched numbers to see whether female art dealers are more likely to show female artists (hint: yes).
– I explain why old women – like Carmen Herrera, triple-digit old – have become the art world’s darlings in recent years.
– Prize-winning photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield captures the corrosive effects of money in her book and exhibition “Generation Wealth.”
– Here’s how legendary New York dealer Jeffrey Deitch seamlessly married the worlds of art and finance.

For T magazine:

– Laszlo Jakab Orsos on organizing the PEN World Voices Literary Festival (no, he doesn’t read every author’s book)