I’ve reported from over a dozen countries across the Middle East, Europe, and Central and South America. Most of the time, I was writing about women’s rights and human rights issues, but some of the time, I was writing about food. Even when I was not writing about food, I was probably thinking about food.

For The Atlantic:

– The Turkish government long ignored the needs of the country’s disabled citizens, but a new generation of activists--and political candidates--are pushing for change.
– Turkey’s Justice and Development Party has overseen a steady rollback of women’s rights.
– In Lebanon, personal status laws discriminate against women, while keeping the country fractured along sectarian lines.

For Foreign Policy and The New York Times Magazine, respectively:

– An investigation into how the twin forces of social conservatism and urban development, both pushed by the ruling Justice and Development Party, are punishing sex workers.

For The Wall Street Journal:

– The consummate insider’s guide to the delightful Lebanese capital city, Beirut.

For The New York Times:

– This cupcake shop in Amman, Jordan where members of the royal family stop by for sweets is one example of the trend sweeping the wider Middle East.
– Where to eat and play in Istanbul, Ankara, Alexandria, and Tunis.

For the International Herald Tribune:

– A Lebanese chef is using the country’s shared culinary traditions to overcome sectarian divisions.

For Women’s eNews:

– Islamic scripture has a role to play in promoting family planning in Yemen.
– Rio launched women-only subway cars, and a lot of women are on board.  
– In Cairo, Egypt, street harassment can be relentless, but the police response can be even worse.

For The Nation:

– Lebanese-born American citizen Naji Hamdan alleges he was tortured in the United Arab Emirates at the behest of the U.S. government.

For Artsy, I’ve filed reports on the local and regional art markets:

– Reporting from New York, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Maastricht, and Mexico City, as well as exotic Dallas and Chicago.