Silly little piece on not drinking inspires rabid responses in the Guardian's Comment is Free section

When I posted this little piece about why I don't drink in the Guardian at the request of an editor there, it got some really nasty responses. I'm not entirely sure why - a lot of people seemed to find my non-drinking stance to be a negative judgment on their own behavior, which it most certainly wasn't intended to be. I did have fun responding, and there were some rather goofy comments too, such as the suggestion that I must be a nymphomaniac. Not so quite... "I don't drink alcohol for the same reason I shun yoghurt – both taste like delicious, sugary things that got left in the sun and went off. I'm not averse to all fermented foods or beverages, but alcohol's predominantly sour and bitter qualities don't sit well with my palate, which tends to prefer sweet and salty foods. Because of this, I've never been drunk, and I can't say I feel the worse for it."

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